Cup Fiction

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There are a lot of food parks to be found in Metro Manila and they offer the best of the best. You’ll find different cuisine being served (Asian, American, European and what have you) and sometimes a little bit of experiment is as well being incorporated to local foods to attract our taste buds. However sometimes a little lot of good food stores is a bit for us hungry strollers to really choose and settle down.

If you’re looking for a place to chill away from the towering skyscrapers, long stalls of different food stalls…and all you really want to do is chill and chat over a hot cup of choco, then this is the place to go. Along Katipunan Avenue White Planes, Cup Fiction is located.


They don’t only offer good food for people who’s up for a catch up, it is also a haven for those people who wants to be alone with a good book and a good food.

For people who loves breakfast, this chill store offer a breakfast menu!!!

Small shelf with a number of good books (local and international)

The place is very cozy and very chill.

Food is ver good, they offer very good service, they have Wi-Fi, and they also have a good amount of parking space.

It’s open 10am ’till 12 midnight on Tuesday-Sundays




I have tried their hot chocolate drink…it was heavenly.



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