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Warmest welcome to you dear reader!

I cannot remember when I did developed the love for writing about the things I find interesting or worth sharing. I can remember, however, that I enjoyed scribbling words and ideas, whatever they may be about whenever and wherever. I came up (finally) with the decision to start blogging about those things. They may be about my travels (local or international), fashion, people, animals, and lastly about food.

hear ye! hear ye!

here are the TOP reasons why:

  1. The power of media is very strong! It can make and break a person. Well, in this case, the expectation of the person who will endeavor to try the things that I’ll go through. May it be travelleing the places I’ll visit, try the food that I’ll suggest, and even spend some of their moolah buying clothes and accessories from stores that I’ll recommend.
  2. Promotion, promotion, promotion! I couldn’t help but think that this kind of blogging will help people recognize the beauty of the places I’ll visit, food that I’ll devour, and maybe clothes that I’ll buy or try (if I don’t have enough penny to spare). I’m thinking local places is the focus of this one but what gives!
  3. SAFENESS. Everyone wants to go places. Who doesn’t? As long as the place recommended is a safe place to wander around. It’s only going to feel “safe” travelling when there’s a good review. YA KNOW WUT I MEAN. It’s about budgetting as well and a good information about the place. It will keep everyone happy and satisfied!

As much as I want to let the list get going on and on, I think that three reason can stand alone to back me up in making this blogging get going. I’m going to be one of the many but I will try my best to give you (my readers) articles that will make you feel satisfied and keep you fully informed…and maybe a little bit entertained.

Writing is something that I LOVE to do and I think having something to write about is much more helpful to streghten my skill and inspire the people who will read them. But mostly I hope that it will be of great help to them, to you, my readers.

With writing comes great photos. You may expect my writings accompanied with fanciful and colorful photos of places, clothes, animals, people, and fooood. I will try my best to make it surreal that you’ll be enticed try it! Also I’ll do my best to excel as well in photography! It always help when you have something to show to your readers.

Bless this first work so I can be as constant as the stars that never stops shining at night! To helpful (healthy) and entertaining blogging! Cheers everyone.

Finally a wick kindled. Let me grow and blaze a trail.


I’ll have every topic categrized so it would be organized. Thank you!


Dear readers,

Your comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated. Please keep them coming.


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